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Denago eBikes receive awards from Electric Bike Report

We are delighted to share that two Denago eBike models have recently received awards from Electric Bike Report.

Denago Commute 1 named to Electric Bike Report's list of "Best electric bikes for Seniors, 2023"

Senior citizens have some unique needs to consider when selecting an eBike. Testers at Electric Bike Report loved the Microshift 8 speed drivetrain, with low gears that match the rider's pedaling effort and terrain, and praised the stability, comfort, and reliability as factors in recommending the Denago Commute 1 for seniors.

The Commute 1 comes fully equipped with rear rack, fenders, lights, and suspension fork and seatpost for comfort.

"Denago's Commute Model 1 ST makes our list of best step-through e-bikes for seniors based on its user-friendly acceleration, riding comfort, and overall value."

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Denago City Model 1 is Electric Bike Report's "Best entry-level commuter electric bike"

At just $1,299, the City Model 1 is an incredible value, and the testers at Electric Bike Report noticed - citing a surprisingly powerful motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and multiple frame styles.

For riders who want to get started commuting by eBike to work or school, the City 1 can be fully equipped with rack, bags, fenders, and lights for under $1,500, yet still provides up to 28 MPH on pedal assist so riders can keep up with traffic, and a 20 MPH throttle for arriving without breaking a sweat.

"For a commuter e-bike around the $1500 range, the Denago City Model 1 provides a solid, affordable starting point that can be added to and expanded to meet the needs of its rider. We highly recommend it even without accessories as one of the best commuters out there."

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