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Zoom Hydrualic Disc Brake Rear, HB-875-R, Commute (E13/18)

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Size: 1720mm Housing

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This is a replacement brake lever and caliper assembly for the Zoom hydraulic disc brakes used on Denago CommuteE eBikes. Model HB-875

Each brake lever includes a plug-and-play fitting to enable brake lever motor interrupt, which turns off the eBike motor when the lever is pulled.

  • Kit includes lever, hydraulic line, and caliper
  • Kit does not include hydraulic fluid, rotor, or fittings
  • Rear Kit comes with Lever, Housing (17200mm), Caliper,  and Cut off Sensor
  • Rear Kit comes with Lever, Housing (1760mm), Caliper, Cut off Sensor

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Sized for COMMUTE