Cycle Volta: "brand’s debut eBike punches well above its weight class."

Cycle Volta takes a look at the Denago City Model 1 in their review and finds that: "Pricing for the City Model 1 is right in line with or slightly above similar pedal- and throttle-assist models from those rivals, but performance-wise, Denago blows both out of the water from the first turn of the pedals."

Denago on the Tech of Sports podcast with Rick Limpert

Dave Duecker talks Denago eBikes and on Rick Limpert's podcast, Tech of Sports. Listen now on Apple Podcasts.

Chris Crossed reviews the Denago City Model 1

The Criss Crossed YouTube channel has posted their video review of the Denago City Model 1 eBike. Watch now.

"Best high-speed electric bike" - Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping's list of the 15 best electric bikes of 2022 is out, and they named the Denago City Model 1 "best high-speed electric bike", praising the speed and acceleration; testers also loved the large display and great brake control.