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Tire- 26" x 4.0" - Kenda K1188-on Denago FAT TIRE eBike

Excellent, fast customer service.

The bike is fantastic. Very well equipped. Great battery life and powerful motor. It can go up to 40 kilometers per hour. Very quiet ride compared to my old bike. I highly recommend this bike. It has several interesting features that competing brands don't necessarily have.

DA bike

Ordering easy can't wait to get my bike

Good, I like it

Anyone has a question about a city 2 get one you’ll like


I have only taken this bike out twice and I have already put 48 miles on it and I am amazed at how fun this is to ride. I suppose I haven’t had it long enough to really see if there is going to be problems, but I am a mechanic and I can’t see any issues at all. The battery life has been downplayed, with minimal pedaling, the first day, I rode 22 miles and only used one bar of the battery life, and the same thing on the second day. I believe this thing will last at least 50 miles with minimal pedal assist. I really only got it for hunting so I can quietly get to my tree stands that are a half mile from my cabin, but I am having a blast riding it through town. I am very satisfied. I also bought an extra battery so I’m thinking this bike will easily make an 80 mile round trip. Ohh, keep in mind that the bike is really tall and a little difficult when I have to stop and touch the ground, but when you are on it, the extra height feels awesome. Anyone with less than a 30” pant inseam should be a bit cautious, you won’t be able to straddle it very easy.

Fast bike

We purchased this bike for our son for the holidays and he absolutely loves it! The sellers have been incredibly helpful and stay in contact to make sure that we appreciate our purchase which is wonderful.

Absolutely Perfect!

Looking for the right E-Bikes was like tasting the porridge from the three bears. The first one I bought was too heavy. The second one I bought was too chintzy. This bike is more than just right. It’s absolutely perfect. I couldn’t love an inanimate object more. I’m getting a lot of good rides in.

Denago eBikes

We purchased 2 of these bike and have had them for approximately 1month. We are very happy with them. They were very easy to assemble, comfortable and are venturing out further when we do ride because we know the electric assist will help us up those hills or back home if we’ve over extended ourselves. Battery life more than meets our needs

We must acknowledge suri. She was phenomenal to deal with. She was very prompt and responsive to ALL our queries.

Denago eXC1 eMTB Mountain eBike
Michael randy Llanos

I drove the bike this morning, it's quick I love it

Awesome bike

We bought this bike specifically to haul 100+ pounds of gear and children around town. This bike easily handles the bike trailer, 1-3 children and a bike plus a full diaper bag. Now going up driveways, steep sidewalks, driving across grass, and getting home quickly when the children are melting down is a breeze!!! And enjoyable! This bike is easy to use, feels like high quality, charges easily and looks sharp! I only have good things to say about this bike and reccomend it to all! The only thing I need to do is figure out the control settings to change settings but I haven’t needed to yet.

First eBike

When this bike arrived in a well protected box with styrofoam wraps and blocks, I knew my money was well spent.

It took me months to review different eBikes and the cost was one item that drove me away. I am six feet tall and thought it might be too small.

To my amazement, this bike is huge. The response of the 750 watt motor is crazy. It took no time to get my behind up to 28 Mph. I even took it off-road and still enjoy the power and handling.

Way more than expected

First off - the customer service from this company is exceptional. They communicated throughout the process to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted once I ordered the bike. They called to make sure I was getting the size, battery power, everything that I wanted. I received the bike several days earlier than promised - BECAUSE THEY DROVE IT TO ME! I live about 80 miles from the city they are located in..
the bike are amazing (I ordered 2). Well built, study. Lots of unexpected extras. I am about 6’2, 230lbs and this bike is comfortable and has no problem getting up hills, up to speed, and going for miles. I am VERY pleased with this purchase and would highly recommentld the bike and the company!

I have not received the package yet.

Game Trailer for Denago Hunting 1 eBike

Does not include hardware to attach battery cover to battery. Useless.

Kenda 26 X 4 tire $ tube

Highly Recommend Denago Parts & service , I bought a set of Kenda tires & tubes form them, I Received the order very quickly , Everything was spot on .
Very happy.
Thanks Denago

Great Quality Bike

Most of the time, the packaging of a product can set the tone about the quality of the product. In the case of Denago’s Cargo 1 eBike it certainly is true. The bike was packed extremely well and survived the many miles like it was made next door. The few parts that needed assembly only took about 15 minutes. And Denago included some handy tools that handles everything.

Since the bike arrive, we have had snow on the ground. I have only been able to ride it for a 10 minutes at night with ice and snow. Lights work great. But I am ready for much more time on the bike.

Denago City 1 Step-thru eBike

First bike built didnt have fluid in the breaks????

Display/Monitor w/HMI Replacement for Denago City 1, City 2 and Commute

Great bikes great company

Nothing but good things to say about these guys and the bike they make

Great bike

I was a pro motocross rider when I ordered this bike I was skeptical, but the price and the 250w Bafang motor appealed to me, when I went for the first ride I was pleasantly surprised with the balance it responds quickly the handling even the suspension is great , the tires are not that bad . I don't know what will happen next year, but so far I'm happy

It's a great bike.

Very good... , very good abrasion resistance and rolls very fast due to its light weight ...... I highly recommend it and the service of the seller is very good .....

Rear Rack FITS ONLY Denago City 2 (E13A) and Commute (E13) Step-Thru LG/XL

Great Bike Great Value!

Bike arrived on time in good condition. Assembly was quick and easy because it comes 85% assembled. Fat tires gives a comfortable ride and good traction. Throttle is responsive and pedal assist works great. 7 speed is enough range without having to shift constantly. Dual hydraulic disk brakes stop her fine. I ride this bike exclusively for all my transportation needs and it gets me where I'm going in style and safely. Fantastic value from Denago.

The bike is worth every penny

I have been looking for a powerful bike since we live in the mountains. This bike is sturdy and powerful. I love its modern look. And the customer service is responsive and reassuring. I would definitely recommend it.