• Roll over grass, dirt, gravel, and sand

    The all-terrain Fat Tire is our most powerful eBike yet, featuring torque sensor technology and huge 4" Kenda tires.

    Shop Fat Tire Top Tube 
  • Man in a blue shirt parking a Denago Commute Model 1 eBike in a bike rack.

    Packed with value for commuters

    Commute 1 offers convenience features for urban commuters - lights, rear rack, kickstand, and fenders all included.

    Shop Commute Model 1 Top tube 
  • Photo of a Denago City Model 1 eBike in front of a harbor.

    Explore in comfort

    Choose City Model 1 with relaxed, comfortable geometry for recreational riding.

    Shop City Model 1 Step-thru 
  • Flare Premium - free with every Denago eBike

    Get a free one year subscription to the Flare Premium safety and tracking mobile app ($40.99 value) with every Denago eBike.

    Learn more about Flare 
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  • Bicycling Magazine Logo


    "Best new commuter eBike... this all-new model from Denago has ALL of the features a rider might want for city riding or commuting."

  • Electric Bike Report logo

    Electric Bike Report on the Denago City Model 1

    "Out on the road, it’s a delight... punchy motor, terrific range, and really solid brakes."

  • Organic Authority logo

    Laura Klein, Editor in Chief, Organic Authority

    "Great for riding around cities when you don’t want to get in your car and deal with parking, expensive Uber rides, or traffic."

  • Good Housekeeping logo

    City Model 1 is one of Good Housekeeping's "15 best electric bikes of 2022." 

    "Best high-speed electric bike"

  • Criss-Crossed eBikes logo

    "Chris Crossed" YouTube eBike review channel

    "Really good-looking bike for the money. This is definitely one of my top-value eBikes I've ridden so far."

  • Cycle Volta

    "...performance-wise, Denago blows both out of the water from the first turn of the pedals."

  • The Awesomer logo

    theawesomer.com, "Awesome Stuff"

    "This Class III eBike is ideal for rides to work, running errands, and speedy cruising."

  • EBPMAN Tech Reviews logo

    EBPMAN Tech Reviews on the Denago City Model 1 eBike

    "It's like having superpowers"

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Learn about eBikes - rules, regulations, and where to ride.


Ebike rules and regulations

eBikes are governed in most states by a Class I, II, III system. Denago's City 1 and Commute 1 are Class III eBikes capable of 28 MPH, that can be configured with a lower speed limit, if desired. Learn more about the Class I, II, III system.

Where to ride

eBikes can be ridden in a variety of urban locations, on and off-road, and on many trails and paths. Explore places to ride with expert Pete Prebus.

How fast can an ebike go?

Denago Class III eBIkes go up to 28 MPH on pedal assist or 20 MPH on throttle alone (no pedaling) - choose what's right for you. You can turn down the speed limiter to ride at lower speeds for more casual rides, too.

How far can I ride?

Most riders can expect to travel more than 20 miles on throttle alone (no pedaling) and 40 miles or more on pedal assist (you pedal with electric motor assistance.)

Dealers near you

Test ride Denago eBikes at dealers across the United States. Find a dealer near you.

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Woman in jeans and a black shirt with a Denago eBike on the bike path
eBike with hydraulic disc brakes
photo of woman with Denago Commute 1 eBike in downtown Dallas

Man with eBike on the Fullerton Loop trail
Color display on a Denago eBike
Woman standing with a helmet in front of a Denago eBike