Top 10 Places for Spring Road Biking in the US
April 1, 2024
Doris Bake

Whether you ride your eBike for fun, exercise, or to commute to work or school, electric bike technology has totally changed the way people enjoy their everyday lives. Top makers like Denago offer a wide range of models and features for cycling enthusiasts who want to explore the most scenic and historic byways that the US has to offer. There's truly something for every taste, including calm coastal trails, back-country roads, rugged mountain trails, urban commutes, and tree-lined suburban streets.

And now that spring is in the air, folks and their ebikes can be seen out and about, soaking in the beauty of nature, exercising in the open air, and zipping to and fro on city streets. Some are headed to or from work, while others are getting in their regular daily eBike outings for fun and socializing with fellow riders. Spring temperatures beckon Denago owners to hit the road, wherever they're headed.

So, get ready to enjoy the gorgeous colors of springtime, the fresh air, and the scenery that comes with the change of seasons—and do it all on your eBike. Looking for a place to enjoy a special ride? Check out the following ten US locations that are tailor-made for eBike riding, especially when the weather is great and people hear the call of the outdoors.

1. San Francisco Bay Trail, California

The 300-mile stretch of the SFBT offers riders of eBikes varied terrains that switch from flat coastal paths to urban areas and scenic tree-lined sections. Get ready to see major landmarks, like the Golden Gate Bridge, as you ride on the well-maintained path. Plus, the SFBT is great for riders of all skill levels, so anyone can enjoy it. For Denago enthusiasts, there are mountain, folding, commute, and cruiser models that are perfect for this long expanse.

2. Lakefront Trail, Chicago, Illinois

For a picturesque tour of the scenic part of Lake Michigan's shoreline, check out the Lakefront Trail in Chicago. It's perfect for both recreational weekenders and everyday commuters because it's ever so smooth and has individual lanes for cyclists. Don't miss the stunning skyline of one of the biggest cities in the US as you move along this safe trail. Popular with athletes, fitness groups, and families, the entire 18.5-mile trail is well-kept, well-lit, and offers a wonderful way to see the Windy City, one of the Great Lakes, and lots of eye-catching greenery.

3. Boulder Creek Path, Colorado

This shorter trail, at just 5.5 miles, is unique in that it features the most scenic side of Boulder. The expanse is the perfect way to venture far from city life and get a glimpse of the great outdoors, including sights such as the stunning Boulder Creek. Visitors and locals love this trail, so if you use it, expect to see plenty of commuters and tourists alongside you enjoying the natural wonders of one of Colorado's most gorgeous cities.

4. Minuteman Bikeway, Massachusetts


This bikeway is 10 miles long and is the only one in the US that traces the historic ride of Paul Revere. For practical purposes of commuting, it is a scenic and direct way to get from Cambridge to Bedford, but you'll see plenty of landmarks along the way, as well as lots of natural plant life. The entire path is well-maintained and serves as a busy daily commuter route for locals, though it makes for an enjoyable ride for riders of all kinds.

5. Washington & Old Dominion Trail, Virginia

Want to see historic towns, lush green forests, and quaint countryside scenery? Then this 45-mile trail will meet your needs. It begins in Shirlington and ends in Purcellville, running along what was once the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad. This beautiful trail is suited for cyclists of all experience levels, and it’s perfect for riders who want to take a moment to get away from busy city life.

6. Portland Eastbank Esplanade, Oregon

This short, 1.5-mile ride includes incredible views of the Portland skyline and the Willamette River. Commuters and recreational riders enjoy it as a quick tour of local spots. Plus, it features easy downtown access and dedicated lanes. For a leisurely ride anytime of the year, the Esplanade is the way to go.

7. Golden Gate Park Loop, San Francisco, California

A beautiful getaway right in the middle of a fast-paced city, the Golden Gate Park Loop in the heart of San Francisco is the perfect place for a ride on your favorite eBike. On this 10km (6.2 miles) loop, be on the lookout for gorgeous views like Stow Lake and the Conservatory of Flowers. 

8. Mount Vernon Trail, Virginia

History and natural beauty are part of the package when you ride on this 18-mile trail from George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon to Theodore Roosevelt Island. Keep an eye out for a great view of Washington, D.C., and enjoy easy access to dozens of historical landmarks.

9. Santa Monica Beach Bike Path, California

For 8.5 miles, ride between Pacific Palisades to Torrance on this scenic coastal path. Enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean as you roll along the smooth pavement. Stop for a quick drink or snack at any of the beachside kiosks, or just take in the sunset as you cruise along the coast.

10. Monon Trail, Indiana

If you enjoy railroad history, this is a fascinating place for riding. The 27 miles of the Monon Trail connects the legendary city of Indianapolis to one of its most famous suburbs, Carmel, all while following a historic railroad route. The trail is very flat, so it’s suited for all kinds of bikes, and you'll spot plenty of commuters on models like Denago folding ebikes. All the intersections are marked, and riders can view local neighborhoods, cultural districts, city parks, and dazzling scenery along the way.

The great thing about riding an eBike is that there are no skill requirements. Athletes, seniors, teens, working people, and everyone in between can simply hop on their eBike and start riding. Commuters on electric bikes are becoming a common sight in cities all over the US, and millions of people are discovering the fun of exploring cities and urban areas whenever the feeling strikes them. With the snow melting and the weather changing for the better, now is the time to get outdoors and ride an eBike.

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