Top 10 Winter eBike Routes in the US
December 19, 2023
Doris Bake

Exploring the outdoors during the winter months has become more fun and accessible than ever thanks to the increasing popularity of electric bikes. Motorcycle enthusiasts have long cherished the freedom and adrenaline rush of melding man with machine and taking off into the great snowy unknown. This same phenomenon is being captured in a new way on eBikes. In recent years, eBike riders have taken their vehicles down scenic trails in the biting cold just to experience the ineffable beauty of a winter wonderland. Though the environment can be harsh, the journey is worth it, especially on the ten routes we'll be outlining today.

The Benefits of Winter E-Biking

Imagine going on an endless hike that passes by like a dream: that’s the experience of winter eBiking. The sense of adventure you feel when conquering an organic landscape of soft snow will stay with you for the rest of the year. While trekking through dense snow and ice may test your balance and dexterity, eBiking can be much more stable. Riders can choose their ideal trail based on their experience level: some bike trails will be challenging to ride in the cold, while others will be a breeze.

eBiking also improves muscle mass, flexibility, and fine motor skills. This is especially true in the winter, as you’ll be carrying out delicate maneuvers over a slick surface. Although the bike’s electric pedal assist is always available to help you navigate particularly rough patches of road, you can still pedal to your heart's content and work out your core, giving similar cardiovascular benefits as traditional biking.

Riding your eBike in the winter doesn’t just aid your physical health. Many people eBike to relieve stress. To this end, winter eBiking helps you escape the worries of the world by taking you through a heavenly realm of white fluff, showing you panoramic views that melt away the hours. Breathing in the crisp air, dashing through the snow, and finding your groove as you work your way over challenging terrain is a pastime that can’t be replicated at any other time of year.

Factors to Consider Before Riding

In order to maintain your safety while riding in winter conditions, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Always be sure to have a safety-rated helmet independently reviewed by a quality assurance agency. If you need help finding a helmet that’s right for you, check out consumerreports of the best bike helmets of the year.
  • Waterproof your eBike to prevent the LED display and other electronics from shorting. Using heat-shrink tubing, you can easily waterproof your live wires. If your eBike gets wet while you ride, be sure to dry it thoroughly, and check for water damage before subsequent rides.
  • Never charge your battery in below-freezing temperatures. Instead, remove the battery or bring the entire bike indoors when it's cold outside.
  • If you store the battery for long periods of time, check it regularly and maintain a charge of about 50% to ensure a long battery life. While holding some charge is optimal for preserving the performance of a battery in storage, avoid overcharging the battery, as that will reduce its life.
  • If you can, outfit your bike with tires suited to the terrain. Most riders prefer knobby fat tires for winter riding on softer snow and studded tires for denser packed snow.
  • If you are just starting out, you will want to take it easy. Be careful and keep an eye out for ice patches that will cause you to slip or lose control and potentially cause injury to you or the bike. An eBike doesn't have the stability of a snowmobile and requires some momentum and balance to ride it.
  • It's never a bad idea to have a cellphone that can connect directly to a satellite in case of an emergency. If you wipe out on a trail and don't have cell reception, you'll want another way to bring emergency services to your destination. The Apple iPhone 14 and later models, as well as late-model Android cellphones, come equipped with an emergency SOS transmission feature to directly reach a satellite even if all local cell towers are unavailable.

The Best Routes for Winter eBiking

Not all winter trails are created equal. Though riding through the snow can be enjoyable anywhere in the country, we've come up with a list of the top 10 best routes for riding this winter. If you're in the area, or if you're serious about getting the best possible winter eBiking experience, consider checking one of these trails out.

Route 1: Methow Valley, Washington

Methow Valley is a popular destination for biking year-round, but in the winter, the snowy terrain on the variety of fat bike trails make it a great for great cold weather riding destination. Most of the fat bike trails require a Methow Trails Pass, which you can pick up for either the day or the whole season if you plan on riding a lot. Out here, you'll be treated to huge tracts of snowy land surrounded by gorgeous mountains and green trees. Just be sure to keep an eye out on the trail conditions before you set out.

Route 2: Minuteman Bikeway, Massachusetts

The Minuteman Bikeway is a welcoming route for winter cyclists: locals often gather here, and since the area is a social hub of the city, the atmosphere is usually very friendly. This trail passes through the historic place where the American Revolution began, making it a must-see destination for history buffs.

On the weekends and weekdays outside of peak hours, riders are authorized to carry their bikes onto the subways and commuter rails. If you enjoy railroad cars, the Minuteman Bikeway features a historic train shed that you can bike right through. Our Denago City 1 eBike and Cruiser 1 eBike is perfect for this route ride.

Route 3: Moab Brand Trails, Utah

This route features a number of trails that cater to every skill level. As you ride, the unique red rock formations and arid scenery conjure up memories of wild west films. It is the perfect getaway for family treks and expert-level rides alike. You may opt for a Denago Cargo eBike to carry your kids if you take this trail.

The trail names are a bit unique, but they do a fantastic job of letting riders know what to expect. The scary-sounding Deadman's Ridge and Killer B are intended for experts, while Lazy-EZ and Rusty Spur are suitable for beginners. Always ask what the name of the trail is before you set off to ensure that it meets your skill level.You may opt for a cargo E-bike to carry your kids if you take this trail.

Route 4: Central Park Loop, New York

Central Park offers an idyllic slice of nature in the core of the Big Apple. You'll encounter everything from strollers, to skaters, to horses pulling carriages on this loop.This is a great place to use a City 1 E-Bike to get around.

eBike riders should note that bikes are not allowed on the Reservoir Running Track. Furthermore, the nicest days of the year and weekends usually get congested, making it difficult to pick up any speed. The paved drives circling the park are where most of the bike traffic resides. If you're looking for a natural-feeling ride in the middle of the big city, consider giving this route a try.

Route 5: Mount Vernon Trail, Virginia

The Mount Vernon Trial, constructed by the National Park Service, is one of the busiest trials in the nation during peak periods. On this route, you can enjoy 18 miles of paved trails roaming from Mount Vernon, where George Washington lived, straight through to Theodore Roosevelt Island.

The original name given to Washington D.C. by the founding fathers, New Rome, is an unexpectedly apt title: the area is absolutely full of interesting relics of the past. Many of the landmarks that make it so interesting are completely inaccessible on a traditional motor vehicle, making the bike trails the ideal way to experience the rich history of the area. It's also a great riding destination for those who love scenic views: you'll feel refreshed and alive as you bike along the Potomac River and take in the New Rome skyline.


winter riding using denago fat tire ebikes

Route 6: The Legacy Trail, Florida

Travel down ten miles of paved trails stretching from Sarasota to Venice built upon a former railroad corridor. This is one of the few trails where you won't have to bundle up and sift through the snowif a taste of summer in the winter is what you crave, look no further.

Many elements of this historic railroad route remain, creating a trip full of nostalgic sights and interesting photo ops. You'll also pass by several waterways and creeks, which serve as ideal places to fish or sit down for a picnic.

Route 7: Bizz Johnson Trail, California

The Bizz Johnson Trail is another historic railroad route that winds through the Susan River Canyon. Capture spectacular views of the river as your crisscross a dozen bridges and pass through two dark tunnels. This trail also features semi-arid landscapes nestled together with fragrant fir and pine trees, creating a unique atmosphere. You might enjoy taking this trip in a cruiser E-bike.

Route 8: Columbia River Highway State Trail, Oregon

If you're a fan of waterfalls, rivers, and tunnels, this trail has a lot to offer. Featuring more than 12 miles of combined trails, this site is made up of three distinct paved paths that run along the historic Route 50. It is difficult to describe the panoramic views and breathtaking scenery along this historic trail; it's just something you have to experience to believe.

Route 9: CAMBA Trails, Wisconsin

If you want to embrace the fat-tire, snow-stomping aspect of winter riding, this is a prime location. The 70 miles of trails here are well-maintained and feature a picturesque snow globe of winter forests. This trail is ideal for those truly dedicated to the snow-hopping sport of winter riding. This is the ideal trail for a fat tire E-bike with torque sensor.

Route 10: Riverfront Trail, Colorado

Winter rides along the Colorado River include a unique and eclectic mix of features. The bike paths are paved and seem to wind on endlessly into ever-changing terrain. This trail passes by wineries, orchards, marshes, ponds, wetlands, canals, and islands, as well as the Brook Cliffs and Grand Mesa. If there's a type of environment you'd like to see as you ride, this trail has it. This would be a great trail to take Mountain EMTB E-bike to handle the diverse terrain.


Whether you decide to take your bike up to the snow-capped mountains of Colorado or the idyllic and warm trails of Florida, there are a number of options available for every type of winter rider.

Wherever you go, always put safety first. Ride together in groups, properly inspect your bike and equipment before ride, and always obey the rules of any trail you visit to ensure happy adventures.

Finally, we'd love for you to visit these trails and share your experiences with us. Keep in touch with us on social media, and let us know what you're up to on your Denago eBike this winter season.

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