Which Fat Electric Bike Should You Get? The Denago Hunting eBike or Original Fat eBike?
May 16, 2023
Pete Prebus

Denago is rolling out new electric bikes at a rapid pace these days! One of the latest eBikes to roll off the production line is the Hunting Fat Tire eBike with some impressive features and accessories.

The Hunting Fat Tire eBike is designed for being prepared and that shows with its dual battery option for maximum range, 4.5” wide off road tires, a 750 watt mid drive motor, pedal assist and throttle, and the camo paint for blending in. The accessory options also focus on being prepared with 2 different trailers and more.

With all of that you may be wondering which Denago fat eBike is best for you, the Denago Hunting ($3,799) or original Fat Tire eBike ($1,799). In this article we will compare them and let you decide which is best for your riding needs.

First off let’s take a closer look at the Hunting Fat Tire eBike.

Hunting Fat Tire Electric Bike

One of the big highlights of the Hunting Fat eBike is the double battery option for having the maximum range. This is a great feature for really getting out there and not having to worry about range issues. During a hunt/fishing trip or exploration ride, the riding route can vary so having a lot of range available is the best way to be prepared. The extra energy capacity also helps when packing out the extra weight of the catch.

Another nice feature of this system is that you don’t always have to use both batteries. You can use one battery for daily riding and add the second battery when you really need the extra range. Riding with 1 battery will keep the eBike weight lower.

The 4.5” wide Fat tires are built for riding over almost anything with the huge tread patch and off road tread. These high air volume tires can be run at very low air pressure to mold over loose and rough terrain for maximum traction and comfort. Riding in sand and snow is easier as these fat tires “float” on top of loose terrain instead of cutting in, sinking, and stalling out like a narrower tire would.

To further the ability to ride through any terrain, the Hunting Fat Tire eBike comes equipped with a 750 watt mid-drive motor to provide a lot of torque. Mid-drive motors leverage the drivetrain gears of the bike to climb steep hills and carry heavier cargo with ease. And carrying cargo is easy with the 2 trailer options available which we will cover soon.

Another quality feature is the torque sensor that measures your pedal power to provide a proportional amount of pedal assist. This pedal assist system gives the bike a more natural ride feel as it really blends in the assisting power with your pedal power in an intuitive way.

Adding to the versatility of the Hunting eBike is the pedal assist and throttle that allows you to choose which assist mode works best for your adventure. The pedal assist can be a good mode for getting to the hunting or fishing site, while the throttle could be best for returning with the catch.

Slowing down the Hunting eBike are hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. Hydraulic disc brakes have a very solid feel and they offer a lot of power which is a good fit for a bike that may be hauling extra cargo weight.

Hunting Fat Tire eBike Accessories

One of the big highlights of the accessory options are the 2 different trailers that are available. The Hunting Fat Tire eBike has an integrated hitch built into the frame for quick attachment and detachment.

The first is a single wheel trailer that is good for riding on narrow roads and paths where you want the trailer to have as much agility as possible. Single wheel trailers follow the bike well and track well over rough terrain.

The next trailer is the 2 wheel trailer that has higher load capacity for carrying heavier cargo. The 2 wheel trailers don’t track as well as the single wheel but they can carry significantly more cargo and weight.

And there is a third trailer option that is pretty cool because it is built for snow with skis instead of wheels! For those venturing out for a winter hunt or fishing expedition there is the optional Denago hitch attachment for connection to a sled commonly used with an ATV.

The trailers are good for carrying cargo like a fishing tackle box, cooler, rifle cases, bow & arrows, etc. Beyond the trailers are all the regular accessories that are available like bags, baskets, racks, bells, locks, etc. These additional accessories can make the bike good for on and off road riding.

Comparing to the Original Denago Fat Tire eBike

The original Denago Fat Tire eBike is also a very capable fat tire eBike and it could be a great fit for your riding needs and budget. The Fat Tire eBike works well for both on and off road riding with its comprehensive list of features and well rounded accessory package that comes stock with the bike.

At $1,799 it offers a ton of value when you consider the highlights like a huge 921 Wh battery, 750 watt motor with torque sensor pedal assist (+throttle), up to 28 mph assist, hydraulic disc brakes, suspension fork, color display, integrated lights, and fenders. The original Fat Tire ebike is a good all around bike for city commuting and exploring new areas on dirt, sand, or snow.

Compared to the Hunting Fat Tire, the original is a great deal if you don’t need the extra features the Hunting bike offers. The $1,799 price point is a great deal and is the more affordable way to get into riding an electric fat bike.

Another big difference is the hub motor vs. the mid-drive motor. A hub motor can be beneficial for around town riding and using the throttle more because it is not dependent on which gear of the bike you are in. A mid-drive motor routes the power through the bike's gears so you do need to be shifting to be in the optimal gear for your pedaling and the motor. The mid-drive does have the advantage for getting a lot of torque and climbing steep hills, which is why it is used on the Hunting Fat eBike.

There are a bunch of accessories available for the Original Fat eBike but if you want the full assortment then the Hunting Fat eBike is the way to go, especially with its cargo trailer options.

Bike fit is another feature to consider. If you want the top tube frame style then the Original Fat eBike is the bike for you but it only comes in one frame size. If you want a step-thru frame then the Hunting and Original Fat Tire (step-thru) eBike have a step-thru frame with two size options.

Then there is the style question; camo or no camo? For some people this will be an easy decision. The Original with its grey and black (top tube model) or white and black (step thru model) color schemes are a good fit for someone looking for a more traditional look.

The Original Fat Bike has slightly narrower 4” wide tires compared to the Hunting eBike’s 4.5” wide tires. That won’t make a big difference for everyday riding but the slightly wider tires do help the Hunting eBike a bit more with tough terrain like sand and snow.

In summary the Original Fat eBike is a good choice for an all around eFat bike for city and adventure riding that offers an affordable price. The Hunting Fat eBike is built to be prepared for any kind of riding and adventure. It’s feature rich with a bunch of accessory options that make it a great adventure bike.

Both Are a Good Choice

The good news is that both the Hunting and Original Fat Tire electric bikes are good overall eBikes. They both have great features and quality that make them a good choice for anyone considering an electric fat bike purchase.

Hopefully this comparison will help you determine what features and accessories are important for your regular riding needs to narrow down which Denago Fat Tire eBike is for you. At the end of the day fat tire eBikes are a lot of fun to ride both on and off road.

Have fun with your eBike research and enjoy your rides!

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