More eBike Incentive Programs! Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Vermont, and Washington
July 28, 2023
Pete Prebus

There have been a number of successful city focused eBike incentive programs that have proven the demand for eBikes and now incentives are rolling out at the state level. California was one of the early highlights to announce a state level eBike incentive in addition to Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. With the recently announced programs from Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Vermont, and Washington that brings the total to 10 states that will be offering eBike incentives.

These incentives line up well for using electric bikes as sustainable transportation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to provide economical electric vehicle options to more people.

There is the possibility of a federal eBike incentive at some point but for now states, cities, counties, and utilities have stepped up to offer their own incentives. Portland State University has an eBike incentive tracker for the US and Canada that is being updated as new programs become available. Make sure you check the list to see if there are incentives available for your area.

Here is a review of the new state programs from Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Vermont, and Washington.

Colorado's eBike Rebate Program

Colorado is rolling out an eBike rebate program for low and moderate income residents. The rebate for low income residents is $1,100 and the rebate for moderate income residents is $500. Both low and moderate income residents also have the options for additional rebates as follows: +$100 for equipment, +$300 for an electric cargo bike, and +$250 for an adaptive eBike.

Low income is defined as below 80% area median income and moderate is defined as 80% to 100% area median income.

The Colorado Energy Office is in charge of the program. They will open applications for one week each month, then randomly select individuals to receive the rebate after each application round closes. Applicants who are chosen will receive a rebate that they can use at a participating retailer to get a discount on the purchase of an eBike. The program is anticipated to start in August 2023.

Maine’s New E-Bike Incentive Program

Maine will be including electric bikes in their electric vehicle rebate program that is being administered through the Efficiency Maine Trust. The details are still being worked out as of the time of this article but it sounds like up to $500,000 will be available for the eBike incentives in the future.

Minnesota's New E-Bike Rebate Program

Minnesota is going big with a large point of sale rebate program that ranges from 50% to 75% of the eBike's value, with a maximum limit of $1,500. It also can include accessories like a bicycle helmet, lights, lock, luggage rack, basket,​ bag or backpack, fenders, or reflective clothing.

The range of the rebate is based on the income level of the recipient. The program reserves 40 percent of the funding specifically for individuals earning less than the state's median income. Here is an article with more information on the impressive eBike rebate program in Minnesota.

Vermont's New E-Bike Incentive Programs

Vermont has 2 electric bike incentive options. The first offers between $400 and $800 depending on the eBike type and income level of the recipient. Here are more of the details for this program.

The second program is the Replace Your Ride program for trading in an old gas powered car for a rebate up to $2,500 towards a new or used bicycle, electric bicycle, electric cargo bicycle, or adaptive electric cycle. That's a great option if you've got an old "gas guzzler" that requires repairs and is becoming expensive to maintain and fuel.

Washington's Electric Bike Incentive Program

Washington state is offering $300 in point-of-sale rebates to all Washington residents and up to $1,200 for lower income residents. To qualify for the higher rebate, households must have an income at or below 80% of their county's median income. The program also includes provisions for bike-related equipment to qualify for rebates.

The state has allocated $5 million for electric bike rebates with an additional $2 million for e-bike lending programs.

Stay Tuned for More Incentives!

With 10 states and many cities and counties offering electric bike incentive programs the momentum for more programs is rolling and there are bound to be more on the way.

Stay tuned to Denago, the Portland State University eBike Incentive tracker, and your local news for more information on these incentive programs.

And enjoy your rides!


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Lawrence Gonzales

Lawrence Gonzales

Do you participate in Colorados eBike rebate program?

Do you participate in Colorados eBike rebate program?

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