Denago eBike Rebates: Denton City Savings Guide
January 24, 2024
Doris Bake

In recent years, with the growing focus on sustainable transport, the City of Denton has developed an e-bike rebate policy designed to encourage citizens to choose clean energy travel options. The policy offers rebates of up to 50% and up to $1,000 for e-bikes, providing citizens with a more environmentally friendly and affordable transportation option.

E-Bike Requirements

  • Must be provided electric service by DME
  • E-Bike must be a new purchase, invoice must include all relevant
  • information regarding the E-bike
  • All classes of E-Bike are eligible for a rebate as defined by the State of
  • Texas
  • E-bike must have two or three wheels and have fully operable pedals
  • The electric motor must be 750 watts or less and cannot be gas
  • powered
  • Applicants agree to charge E-Bikes at home during off peak hours and
  • submit a pledge to reduce vehicle miles traveled
  • Limit one per account every 3 years

 Application Process

1. Order a Denago eBikes on or more than 300 Denago Authorised Dealers.

All Denago eBikes are met the 750 watt or less requirment. Don't know which ebike to choose? You can compare all denago ebikes now or contact our dealers for a test ride any time.

2. Click this link to view the funding details and balance amount. For further information, refer to this document.

 riding a denago fat tire ebikes in snow season

Rebate Advantages

1. Up to 50% rebate amount up to $1,000, which greatly reduces the burden of purchasing an e-bike.

2. Choosing an e-bike means a greener, more economical way to get around, contributing to sustainable development for individuals and communities.

3. The promotion of e-bikes helps reduce urban traffic congestion, improve air quality and enhance the quality of life for residents.

Through this rebate policy, the City of Denton is actively supporting the choice of e-bikes for its citizens, promoting the idea of sustainable mobility and contributing to a cleaner, more livable city. If you're a Denton resident, consider applying for an e-bike rebate and help build a better future for our city.


Latest News for the Denago eBikes Rebate

 Last week, one of our dealer successfully applied for this rebate.

Why choose Denago ebikes?

Denago ebikes are operated by a local team in the United States. In just one year, we've experienced rapid growth, expanding to over 300 offline distributors and participating in multiple ebike exhibitions annually. Within the same timeframe, we've swiftly established various production lines, covering city, commute, fat tire, long range, all-terrain, hunting, and mountain ebikes.

For our customers' utmost concern, our customer support is localized in the United States, offering contact options through phone and email, ensuring quick and timezone-friendly resolution to any post-purchase issues.

 denago ebikes in CABDA West in 2024

All Greensense Incentive Program Rebates include the following.

Program Rebate Amount
HVAC $1500 – $2500
HVAC Tune Up 50% up to $100
Smart Thermostat 100% up to $100
Weatherization Materials 50% up to $100
Radiant Barrier 20% up to $300
Attic Insulation 50% up to $1500
Air Duct 30% up to $400
Solar Screens 50% up to $500
Windows 30% up to $1500
E-Bike 50% up to $1000
Electric Vehicle $1500
Solar Hot Water Heater 30% up to $300



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