The Denago Hunting 1 eBike: Unleash Your Inner Adventurer
December 8, 2023
Doris Bake

From ATVs to SxS vehicles, hunters have a number of options when it comes to hauling themselves and their gear deep into the brush. In recent years, however, more and more hunters are turning to a new form of transportation: electric bikes. Powered only by an electric motor, eBikes are quieter and more convenient than the rumbling gas-powered engines of more traditional off-road vehicles. Their lower noise and more compact frame makes them ideal for slipping into hard-to-reach hunting spots without alerting game.

The Hunting 1 is an affordable, high-performance, trail-worthy hunting eBike packed with features that drastically improve the hunting experience at every turn. There’s quite a few features and specs to talk about, so we’ve gone over the best and most important ones below.

Performance Beyond Boundaries

The Hunting 1's highly-accurate and precise Torque sensor takes note of your pedaling efforts and adjusts the motor's output to match. You won't need to worry about it breaking down: torque sensors are resistant to wear and tear. Thanks to the torque sensor, rides on the Hunting 1 are effortless, safe, and efficient.

The Hunting 1's dual battery consists of two removable 48 volt batteries, one 20Ah LG battery and one smaller 10.4Ah battery, mounted on the frame with a special bracket. Together, they give the Hunting 1 a range of up to 120 miles, allowing you to easily extend hunting trips or even make multiple trips on one charge. The batteries also provide more power output when tackling steep inclines and uneven terrain. The added versatility of two batteries means you'll always have enough energy to reach your destination.

The powerful Bafang 750W (1000W peak) mid-drive motor helps conquer any terrain. It has a maximum torque of 160Nm and reaches speeds as high as 28 mph. The motor's mid-drive positioning ensures that all of its immense power reaches the pedals, maximizing its ability to assist your pedaling efforts. If you’d rather conserve your own energy during a ride, worry not: the Hunting 1 includes a throttle that will swiftly and safely take you to 20 miles per hour without you needing to move the pedals.

Its Kenda All-Terrain 26 x 4 fat tires have excellent traction and performance. The aggressive and knobby tread pattern provides added grip when climbing hills and turning corners, while their width helps to take them over loose terrain and reduce the shock of off-road riding. The durability and versatility of these tires make them perfect for hunting on all sorts of terrain.

It also has a suspension fork with Hydraulic Lockout, which is useful when riding downhill on rough terrain. With the flip of a switch, the suspension becomes more rigid for traveling on pavement or uphill. This lockout system is adjustable to three different levels:

  • An option that does not affect the speed or compression ratio
  • An option that makes the compression more rigid
  • A fully locked-out mode

Advantages of the Hunting 1

The Denago Hunting 1 eBike with a frame-welded rear rack and fat tires.

For hunters used to a more traditional ATV or even hunting on foot, an eBike may not immediately seem appealing. However, these electric vehicles have a few key advantages over walking or driving that make them the ideal mode of transportation for hunting.

Silent Approach, Stealthy Hunting

Getting into a position without being noticed is among the most notable challenges of hunting. Walking is an option, but carrying gear on foot is difficult. ATVs have the carrying capacity to take anything you could need with you, but they're also noisy and smelly, scaring game.

An electric hunting bike, on the other hand, is quiet and carries a hunter and their gear in virtual silence: the only noise they make are the shuffle of tires moving across the trail and the faint buzz of the motor. They don't produce a gasoline smell, and by effortlessly carrying both you and your gear, they reduce the smell of sweat as well.

Extended Range, Endless Adventure

The Hunting 1 enable riders to cross challenging terrains easily and maintain a stealthy approach when sneaking up on game. It also has an extended range, increased maneuverability, and low noise emissions when compared to traditional ATVs, enhancing the hunting experience overall. No matter how you look at it, eco-friendly eBikes like the Hunting 1 hold the potential to ensure a more sustainable and effective approach to hunting in the long-term.

Rugged Design, Built to Last

The frame of an electric bike is the backbone of the vehicle, shaping how it fits and functions. The Hunting 1 is up for the challenge of off-road riding thanks to its sturdy construction, allowing it to stand up to the obstacles of any terrain. Its rear rack is welded to the frame, providing stiffness and support, even when hauling a trailer. You won't need to worry about its tires, either; they're designed to be durable, reducing the number of flats you deal with on your trips.

Your Adventure, Your Way

The Hunting 1 is an eBike capable of handling nearly anything you could think to throw at it. From fat tires to a powerful motor to a dual battery, it has everything it needs to power your next hunting trip and more. Elevate your hunting experience and try the Denago Hunting 1 today.

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