Why to choose a Denago eBike vs. the competition
December 28, 2022
Justin Christopher

If you're in the market for an eBike, you may have noticed the flood of various makes and models available. The choice can be overwhelming! At Denago, we're different - from the bikes we manufacture, to the support we provide when you're already a customer. Here are 5 reasons to choose a Denago eBike vs. the competition:

1: Adjustable speed (when you want it)

In most states, the legal maximum speed for eBikes is 28 MPH, or 20 MPH, depending on the specific location where you're riding. Most states also have a maximum allowed motor wattage (power output) that you should consider. Denago eBikes offer powerful motors that can help you reach the maximum speeds allowed by law.

Our eBikes meet the limits for speed and motor power, so you can ride with confidence that your eBike is legal and appropriate for your local rules and regulations. Our eBikes carry the Class I, II, III sticker, showing top speed and motor power, as required by law in the states that have adopted the Class I, II, III system that regulates eBikes.

Not everyone wants or needs to go fast, however. If your needs are more casual, most Denago eBike models also allow you to lower the speed limiter, helping novice riders ride in a more controlled fashion. This flexibility allows you to reach max speed on open roads, while retaining the ability to turn it down and keeep it courteous around pedestrians or on multi-use trails.

2: Backed by a local dealer network

Some people are perfectly capable of assembling and tuning their own eBike, and we're happy to ship a bike directly to you if desired. But that option isn't for everyone. If you don't have the technical expertise, or even struggle to lift a bike out of the box, Denago eBikes are also available at a huge network of independent local bike shops near you. That's an important distinction that many of our competitors just can't match.

Buying from a local bike shop allows you to touch and see your new bike, test ride, and most importantly, obtain post-sale support from a local expert. Your local Denago dealer can also help you select the right size frame, and fit the bike to your body, so you get the best riding experience.

3: Availability of service and warranty parts

If you can't fix your eBike, it goes to the landfill. That's wasteful and harms the environment, not to mention being a poor use of your time and money. Frankly, many of our competitors are doing a poor job supporting their customers after the sale, and simply can't reliably supply parts to meet demand for warranty claims and ongoing service.

For bikes to be sustainable, they need to be repairable. That's why Denago offers the parts and accessories needed to service your eBike, and keeps them in stock for immediate shipping. We also supply your local Denago dealer with the parts needed to keep your bike in top shape for years to come.

4: We offer both cadence and torque sensors

Cadence and torque sensor eBikes ride differently. One isn't better than the other, they just suit different rider types. Denago offers both styles, so you can match the sensor type to your riding style.

Cadence sensor eBikes allow the rider to reach maximum speed without making a maximum effort. That means they work great for commuting to work, when you want to arrive without breaking a sweat. A cadence sensor eBike with a throttle is also ideal for riders who have hip or knee injuries that make hills extra challenging.

A torque sensor eBike, in contrast, requires the rider make a maximum effort in order to get the maximum level of assist from the motor. Pedaling a torque sensor eBike feels more like a traditional "analog" bike, so more advanced riders tend to prefer them, especially on challenging off-road trails.

Not sure which is right for you? Learn more about the difference between cadence and torque sensors, or visit a dealer to ride both types back to back.

5: Class-leading battery capacity with fast charging

An eBike isn't much fun when the battery dies. Larger capacity batteries (measured in Watt-hours, or "Wh") are like having a larger fuel tank on your car - you can ride further in between fill-ups. That's why Denago equips our eBikes with battery capacities that top the competition at the same price point. 

Consider the Denago Fat Tire, for example, which uses a massive 19.2 Amp / 921.6 Wh lithium-ion battery, yet still remains affordable at $1,799.

Most Denago eBikes also include 3 Amp chargers (many competitors are 2 or 2.5 Amp) for faster charging, so you can get back to riding quickly with less downtime when it's time to recharge.

Try a Denago eBike today

Don't take our word for it - give us a call to chat, or stop by one of our Denago local brick and mortar dealers for a test ride so you can see the Denago difference.

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