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Choosing a Versatile Electric Cargo Bike Size: Compact or Mid Tail?
October 11, 2023
Pete Prebus

Electric cargo bikes are great for so many aspects of life. Commuting to work, running errands, taking the kids to school, riding with friends, making deliveries, and just all around fun.

There are a variety of electric cargo bike configurations and sizes to choose from. There is the classic long tail, mid tail, compact (or short tail), front loader, and trike configurations.

In this article we will focus on compact and mid tail electric cargo bikes because they are versatile in the way they can carry cargo and still be maneuverable and transportable similar to a conventionally sized electric bike.

Of course with anything there are trade offs with a smaller platform compared to a larger one. If you want the most cargo and passenger capacity and you are not too concerned about the size of the cargo bike then a long tail, front loader, or trike configuration is the way to go.

With the smaller eCargo bikes size in mind, let’s start with a look at the compact electric cargo bikes.

Compact (Short Tail) Electric Cargo Bikes

Compact electric cargo bikes have a lot of versatility with their short wheel base and generally smaller wheels.

Maneuverability: They can maneuver through tight spaces and crowded areas well and they generally are easy to get on and off with a lower step-thru area. Compact eCargos are also easier to fit in crowded bike parking areas because they are a similar size to a conventional bike.

Stability: Many compact eCargo bikes have small diameter wheels but very wide tires that give them an easy going ride style with a very stable feel due to the large tire patch on the ground. The lower stance of the smaller wheels also makes it easy to handle the bike when you come to a stop or when getting started from a stop.

The Denago Cargo 1 compact electric cargo bike is a good example of these traits. It has 20” wheels with 3” wide tires for that stable ride feel and a low step-thru area to make it easy to get on and off the bike.

Storage: If you have limited storage space at home or need to transport your bike on public transportation, a compact eCargo bike may be a good choice because of its smaller size. Being able to wheel your bike into your house or apartment is easier with a compact eCargo bike as well.

Also, if you want to transport your bike with your car, a compact eCargo bike will fit more car racks when compared to larger cargo bikes.

Additionally, compact electric cargo bikes can be a good fit for RV dwellers because they are small enough to fit on a bike rack on the RV or inside the RV. Compact eCargo bikes can be great for cruising around the campground and into town to pick up groceries and run other errands.

Cargo Capacity: Compact cargo bikes typically have a lower cargo capacity compared to mid-tail or long-tail cargo bikes. They are suitable for carrying smaller loads or one or two children. With that said they still can carry an impressive amount of cargo or passengers with the right accessory set up.

Ride Comfort: Some riders find that compact cargo bikes offer a more stable and comfortable riding experience due to their shorter wheelbase and smaller wheels. Shorter riders may find the compact eCargo to be easier to get on and ride with the lower step-thru area.

Our new compact cargo 1 ebike equipped a 750 high speed motor, 48V 13.6Ah LG battery and a 48V 10.4Ah optional battey so that can be dual battery ebike for extend range used. 3inch fat tire made this ebike more stable and safety.

Mid Tail Electric Cargo Bikes

Capacity: Mid tail cargo bikes generally have a larger cargo capacity compared to compact cargo eBikes. They can carry more groceries, larger items, multiple children, or an adult passenger. In some cases there may be more passenger or cargo accessories available for a mid tail compared to a compact eCargo bike.

Versatility: They offer a good balance between cargo capacity and maneuverability, making them versatile for a variety of tasks, including commuting, grocery shopping, and family outings. The mid tail is a sweet spot of good cargo and/or passenger capacity while still being similar in length to a conventional bike.

Stability: While not as nimble as compact cargo bikes, mid tail cargo bikes are still relatively easy to handle and they can offer more stability when carrying heavier loads.

Longer Wheelbase: The longer wheelbase may affect your ability to navigate tight spaces or store the bike in small areas. This is a trade off for the ability to carry more cargo and/or passengers.

Price: Generally a mid tail eCargo bike will be more expensive than a compact eCargo bike. You may find that the additional cost is worth the value a mid tail provides in the ability to carry more.

Which is Right for You?

After reviewing the traits of the compact and mid tail electric cargo bikes you should have an idea of which one would suit your lifestyle and riding style best.

If you want a good all around versatile electric bike with some cargo and passenger options then a compact eCargo is probably a good way to go.

For those that want more of a focus on cargo and passenger capability then the mid tail is probably the best choice.

Enjoy the process of finding your electric cargo bike and enjoy your rides!

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