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Denago Commute Model 1 Step-thru eBike

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The Denago Commute Model 1 is an urban eBike with a step-thru frame with a low standover height - easy to mount and dismount for shorter riders or those with poor flexibility or injuries. Commute Model 1 is full-featured with a suspension fork and seatpost, integrated headlight, plus included fenders, rear rack, and kickstand. Stealthy, sleek battery integrated with the down tube.

Commute Model 1 was named "best new commuter eBike" by the editors of and appears on their list of "18 best electric bikes you can buy right now."

  • Class III eBike Up to 28 MPH on pedal assist, and 20 MPH on throttle alone
  • Digital Handlebar Display Speed, distance, and battery charge at a glance; plus PIN code feature to help keep your eBike secure.
  • Step-thru frame design Easy to start and stop with feet flat on the ground
eBike Features

Pedal assist plus throttle

Arrive at work or school without breaking a sweat. This Class III eBike travels up to 28 MPH on pedal assist or 20 MPH on throttle alone. Control it all from the handlebar remote without taking your eyes off the road.

High-capacity integrated battery

Sleek, high-capacity 652.8Wh Lithium-ion battery is integrated with the frame tubes for a stealthy look. Battery locks to the frame with included key for enhanced security, and can be charged on or off the bike with the included 3A fast charger - recharge up to 50% faster than competing eBikes.

It's easy to remove the battery and take it with you if you're parking outside or carrying your eBike on a hitch or bumper vehicle rack.

45+ mile range

Powered by a sleek, integrated 652.8Wh Lithium-ion battery, Commute Model 1 can travel 45 miles or more between charges - enough for commuting to work or school without needing to charge during the day.

Range varies based on conditions and usage patterns, including rider weight, level of pedal assist or throttle used, hilly vs. flat terrain, and cargo carried.

Powerful rear hub motor

Commute Model 1 is powered by a Shengyi 48 volt, 500 watt rear hub motor, producing plenty of torque for climbing hills, even when you're carrying a laptop, change of clothes, or groceries.

Charge 50% faster than competing brands

Commute Model 1 includes a 3 amp fast smart charger to recharge 50% faster than many competing eBikes. Spend more time riding and less time charging!

Integrated powered headlight

The front (white) headlight is powered by the built-in eBike battery, so it never requires separate charging. Control the headlight from the handlebar-mounted remote, and turn it on/off as needed with the push of a button.

Includes rear taillight

Commute Model 1 includes a rear red reflector mounted to the back of the cargo rack for additional safety. Add 3 AAA batteries (optional) to turn it into a powered taillight for night rides.

Handlebar LCD Display

Monitor all your important metrics including speed, distance, battery charge remaining, current pedal assist level, and much more on the high-resolution handlebar-mounted LCD display. There's even a backlight for night commutes.

Riders can customize their settings using the display, including modifying the speed limiter if desired. You can also set a PIN code for additional security.

Keep your eBike secure with digital PIN code

Prevent unauthorized use or slow down thieves by adding your own custom PIN code for additional security.

Walk mode option

Sometimes you need to walk your eBike at slow speeds - perhaps you're shopping in a farmer's market full of pedestrians, or crossing a busy downtown street. Engage walk mode with the push of a button, and your Commute Model 1 will move forward at a slow speed while you walk beside.

Walk mode can also be used to push your eBike up a hill or up a ramp into a trailer or pickup truck bed. Ideal for riders who carry their eBikes in RVs or toy haulers.


Top Speed
28 MPH on pedal assist, 20 MPH on throttle

Shengyi, 48V, 500W

Thumb throttle, left side

Denago LCD with speed, motor power, trip distance, odometer, trip time, battery charge level, and walk mode functions, plus PIN lock security feature

Speed, Cadence

48V, 13.6Ah, 652.8Wh, Fully-integrated style, LG cells

Multi-voltage 110-240V, 3A Fast Charger with USA plug

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
For 24/7 Chemical Emergency Response and SDS Information, call 1 (800) 255-3924

Download: Denago eBike safety data sheets (PDF)

Download: Denago Display Instruction Manual (PDF)


Wide tires for extra comfort and grip

Commute Model 1 is equipped with 2.6" tires - wider than most eBikes in its class, adding additional air volume for a more comfortable ride, plus extra traction on rough pavement or gravel roads.

The tires have reflective sidewalls, an important safety feature, and are rated for high-speed Class III eBikes. The tires are puncture-resistant, reducing the chance of your work commute being interrupted by a flat tire.

Because 27.5" is a common size used on modern mountain bikes, riders have a huge selection of aftermarket tires available to customize Commute Model 1 for your exact terrain.

Includes rack, fenders, and kickstand

Commute Model 1 is packed with convenience features for urban commuters - there's a built-in heavy-duty kickstand for easy parking, sturdy fenders to keep you dry in wet weather, and a rear rack that allows you to add optional panniers or bags to carry clothing, laptop, charger, or groceries.

Suspension fork and seatpost, plus wide, padded saddle

Ride with more comfort and control, even on rough roads. Commute Model 1 includes both a suspension seatpost and suspension fork to reduce road buzz, improve handling, and reduce fatigue on longer rides.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes offer powerful braking, even in the wet. Oversized disc brake rotors add additional stopping power. Built-in brake lever interrupt feature turns the motor off automatically whenever you squeeze the brakes for safety.

Assembly tools included

Commute 1 includes a multi-tool with hex keys and screwdrivers, plus a wrench for the axle nuts that also works for installing the pedals - everything you need to complete the assembly of your new eBike at home. They're also perfect for road or trail-side adjustments.

Wide-range drivetrain powered by Microshift

Choose from 8 speeds so you'll always have the right gear for uphill, flats, headwind, or tailwind. Commute 1 uses a wide-range 11-32 tooth cassette with very low gears for climbing hills.

With Microshift index shifting, each gear clicks right into place. Just click with your thumb to change gears.

You also get a crankset with a built-in cover, keeping grease away from your pants leg.



Frame and fork:
6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy, Step-thru (low step) style



Class III eBike
up to 28 MPH on pedal assist
up to 20 MPH on throttle
Up to 45 mile range* (varies based on terrain, assist level used and rider weight)
LCD display with speed, distance, time, PIN lock, and pedal assist level functions
Handlebar-mounted remote controls the integrated headlight, power, and pedal assist functions.


Platform, aluminum alloy, 9/16” with reflectors

Aluminum alloy, 170mm, 42 tooth chainring, built-in cover protects pant legs from the chain

Bottom Bracket: 
Sealed, square taper, 138mm, English thread

Rear Derailleur: 
Microshift, 8 speed

8 speed, 11-32 teeth

Microshift 8 speed, Rapidfire Plus

KMC Z-Series, 8 speed, 3/32”


Zoom aluminum alloy, 31.8mm diameter, 660mm long

Handlebar Bell:

Black rubber, lock-on style

Aluminum alloy w/adjustable angle, 31.8mm clamp, 1 ⅛” threadless

Comfort padded, black with white Denago logo

1 ⅛”, sealed, threadless

Seatpost Clamp:
Zoom, quick release

Zoom suspension, 30.4mm diameter, 350mm length


Zoom HB875 hydraulic disc with motor cut-off

Zoom HB875 hydraulic disc with motor cut-off

180mm, 6 bolt type


Denago P-1195, 27.5 x 2.6", eBike rated, puncture resistant, reflective sidewalls

Denago 27.5 x 2.6”, schrader valve

Aluminum Alloy, 36 holes, 27.5”

Front - 6 bolt disc, nutted, 36 holes; Rear - 6 bolt disc, Shengyi DGW22, nutted, 36 holes

36 Black ED13 gauge spokes front, 36 12 gauge spokes rear



Complete eBike weight, with battery:
64 lbs

Maximum rider weight:
280 lbs

Maximum cargo capacity: 
55 lbs on the included rear rack


Complete eBike
Lithium-Ion battery
3 Amp fast charger
Owner's Manual
Quickstart Guide
Assembly Tools (pedal wrench, multi-tool)
Front, rear, and wheel reflectors
Shipping weight: 73 lbs

COVID-19 has created specific challenges in the bicycle industry, especially around the availability of the components required to manufacture ebikes. As a result, we reserve the right to make substitutions of equivalent components of equal or better value to ensure we can consistently deliver our ebikes in a timely fashion. Thanks for understanding!


This geometry chart is available as a high-resolution, printable PDF.


Quickstart Guide version 1.0 PDF.


Assembly Options

DIY Assembly:

  • Ships UPS / FedEx Ground to your home
  • Tools included; assemble it yourself
  • No additional charge

Need help?

  • Get expert help from Denago via phone, live chat, or email
  • Check out mobile mechanic services like Beeline, Velofix, or Velotooler
  • Denago can also help you find a local bike shop

Safety and convenience

Easy to ride and own

  • Microshift index shifter and rear derailleur
  • Stealthy integrated battery and internal cable routing
  • Standard kickstand, fenders, and rear rack
  • Comfortable saddle and grips

Standard safety features

  • Built-in front and rear lights
  • Puncture-resistant tires with reflective sidewalls
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for maximum stopping power, with motor cut-off

Power to keep up with traffic

Class III eBike with throttle

  • Keep up with traffic and reduce commute times
  • up to 28 MPH on pedal assist
  • up to 20 MPH on throttle without pedaling - arrive at meetings free of sweat

Adjustable speed limiter

  • Some riders want to go slower
  • For more casual use, Commute 1 has an adjustable speed limiter for riders who don't need high speeds
Size and Fit

Denago Commute Model 1 Step-thru Size Recommendations

See real riders

Estela is 5’9” tall

Shown riding Commute Model 1 Steo-thru, L/XL

Advait is 6’ tall

Shown riding Commute Model 1 Top tube, L/XL

Anna is 5'9" tall

Shown riding Commute Model 1 Step-thru, L/XL

Brent is 5'11" tall

Shown riding Commute Model 1 Top tube, L/XL

Dave is 6' tall

Shown riding Commute Model 1 Top tube, L/XL

Zack is 6'2" tall

Shown riding Commute Model 1 Top tube, L/XL



This product can expose you to chemicals including (Cadmium, Phthalates, Bisphenol, Nickel (Metallic), di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate "DEHP"), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to