Denago wants you and your friends to ride safely. That's why we've teamed up with Flare to offer a free 1 year subscription to the Flare Premium safety and tracking app with every Denago eBike purchased. That's a $60 value, yours free when you purchase a Denago eBike.

How to get this offer

Purchase a Denago eBike at one of 3 qualifying locations:

What is Flare?

Flare is an app that runs on your mobile device like iPhone or Android and offers safety features for eBike riders and other athletes. With the Flare app, eBike riders can get incident detection (like a crash or fall), send a notification to your contacts automatically if you're unresponsive, send SOS messages, and more.

You can also setup groups on Flare when you ride with friends, and Flare can alert you if anyone falls too far behind or has an incident. Flare offers an extra measure of protection that gives you more freedom to explore on your eBike!

How to redeem your free Flare Premium subscription

If you purchase from, we'll email you a redemption link after you order. 

If you purchase from, they'll contact you via email with redemption instructions.

If you purchase at a brick and mortar Denago dealer, your dealer will provide a QR code to enroll. Scan the QR code with your iPhone or Android device to enroll in the Flare app.

Download the Flare App to your iPhone or Android device

You can experiment with Flare's free edition prior to making an eBike purchase:

Upgrading from Flare free to Flare premium

After you purchase a Denago eBike, use the custom link provided to upgrade to 1 year of Flare Premium, free, courtesy of Denago.