Cycle Volta: "Denago's City Model 1 punches well above its weight class"
June 15, 2022
Justin Christopher

Cycle Volta recently completed their real-world testing of our Denago City Model 1 eBike, and had some great things to say:

  • "Punches well above its weight class"
  • "Pricing for the City Model 1 is right in line with or slightly above similar pedal-and throttle-assist models from those rivals, but performance-wise, Denago blows both out of the water from the first turn of the pedals."
  • "Denago has put together an impressive debut here, delivering a well-rounded package and a level of performance far exceeding its price tag."

Read Cycle Volta's complete review.

Thanks to the team at Cycle Volta for taking the time to test and review!



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