Dirwin Pioneer Fat Tire Step-thru vs. Denago Fat Tire Step-thru eBike
December 27, 2022
Justin Christopher

If you're in the market for a fat tire eBike with a step-thru frame, you may have discovered the Dirwin Pioneer Fat Tire and Denago Fat Tire models. They have some obvious features in common: 4" wide Kenda tires, 750 Watt rear hub motors, suspension fork, and a step-thru frame that makes starting and stopping easy with a very low standover height. 

While these models may look similar on the surface, they have some key differences that may help you make a buying decision. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the Dirwin Pioneer Fat Tire and Denago Fat Tire models and see how they stack up.

What the Dirwin Pioneer Fat Tire Step-thru and Denago Fat Tire Step-thru eBikes have in common

The Dirwin Pioneer Fat Tire and Denago Fat Tire Step-thru models share quite a few features and specs which are very similar, if not identical:

  • 750 Watt rear hub motors
  • fenders
  • kickstand
  • color handlebar display
  • 4" Kenda fat tires
  • built-in lights powered by the eBike battery
  • hydraulic disc brakes
  • Shimano 7 speed shifters
  • supension fork

How the Dirwin Pioneer Fat Tire and Denago Fat Tire Step-thru models are different

The Dirwin Pioneer Fat Tire and Denago Fat Tire Step-thru models differ in these key areas:

  • The Denago is significantly less expensive ($1999) compared with $2,299 for the Dirwin.
  • The Denago top speed (28 MPH) is significantly higher than the 23 MPH Dirwin.
  • The Denago comes in two sizes to suit a variety of rider heights, while the Dirwin only comes in a single size.
  • The Denago includes a 3 Amp charger for faster charging vs. the 2 Amp model included with the Dirwin.
  • The Dirwin includes a rear rack, if you plan to haul cargo, you'll need to add an optional front or rear rack to the Denago.
  • The Dirwin uses a significantly smaller capacity battery. That means the Denago will have more range when ridden under similar conditions.
  • Throttle style: Dirwin uses twist-style grip throttle, while Denago uses a push-button thumb throttle. While the throttle mode itself may work identically, riders may have a preference between the two mechanisms to engage it.

Which fat tire step-thru eBike should you buy?

Carefully consider the specs, pros, and cons when shopping for a fat tire eBike

Based on the specs, for average-height riders these two models are likely to feel very similar on the trail or path. The Denago has a couple upgrades compared to the specs on the Dirwin, and has the advantage of selling for $300 less as of this writing. While you don't get a rear rack with the Denago, it's an easy add-on and you still come out ahead financially even after accounting for the cost of a rear rack - and you'll still have an extra $200 for any other upgrades or accessories you might want to add.

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