Share the Fun with the Gift of An Electric Bike
January 4, 2023
Pete Prebus

Do you remember how excited you were when you got a new bike for the holidays or a birthday as a kid? The new bike glistening in the light with a big bow and your name on it. The promise of fun rides and the freedom to explore your neighborhood and town with your friends. Plus, you could show off your cool new bike as you cruise the neighborhoods.

It is a memory many of us remember because it is a very big gift representing a right of passage to more freedom from our parents. As you might have guessed, getting or giving the gift of an electric bike can excite the kids in all of us, young and old.

An eBike can be a great gift for a high school or college student as a way to get to school and around town as a fun and economical car alternative. It can also be a fun and practical gift for an adult to rejuvenate the fun and freedom a bike can deliver.

For those that already have an eBike there are a bunch of accessories to make their ride even more fun.

An eBike Instead of a Car

For many 16 year olds it is the year of getting a driver's license and the freedom of driving a car. But that “freedom” also comes with more responsibility and financial costs.

Most 16 year olds drive one of the family cars but they rack up some additional financial costs with gas, additional wear and tear, and additional insurance. In some cases it is a whole new or used car for them which adds the cost of the car plus gas, maintenance, registration, and insurance.

And those costs add up to a considerable amount. AAA estimates that the annual cost of car ownership is nearly $10,000!

But there is another way! More and more high school and college students are turning to electric bikes as a fun and economical means of transportation.

Riding an electric bike can give a young person similar freedoms to a car with the ability to travel further and faster than a conventional bicycle. Some eBikes offer large cargo capacity and the ability to carry a passenger which is a fun way to ride with friends. And no one wants to be left out when more of their friends are riding eBikes instead of driving.

An electric bike definitely has its up front cost but there is very minimal running costs and no registration or insurance. Here is an article that looks at the detailed costs of car ownership vs. eBike ownership.

The upfront cost can be split into smaller monthly payments with programs like Affirm (Bike.com offers this) or eBike loans. Plus, depending on where you live there may be a rebate or tax incentive program. Here is an article about electric bike incentive programs and ways to make ownership more affordable.

Some younger people have skipped car ownership all together by using an electric bike, mass transit, and a car rental when necessary. Here is an article with more ideas on how to make that happen.

The Kid in All of Us

For many adults the last time they rode a bike was just before they got their driver’s license at 16-ish years old. They have fond memories of riding their bike with the fun and freedom it brought to their lives.

And it can again! Many of us have experienced the pain of driving that includes traffic jams, parking hassles, and just sitting around in a car.

A conventional bicycle can seem like a good alternative but there are pain points with that including hills, headwinds, and sweating too much. And there is generally a limit as to how fast and far you are willing to go on a conventional bike. That is where the electric bike comes in to create a sweet spot with the benefits of a bicycle and car-like advantages that make it easy and fun to get around town. With an eBike you don’t have to worry about hills, headwinds, sweat, traffic and parking problems, and the monotony of sitting in a car. You can enjoy the open road and air while zipping along faster and further than a conventional bike. You can actually enjoy your commute; mind boggling I know!

And you get to enjoy some moderate exercise that benefits physical and mental health. You can arrive at work with that buzz of endorphins without being sweaty. Something you can’t get from driving in a car.

An electric bike is also super fun for just getting out and cruising the neighborhood or countryside. There may be places in your town/city that you have never explored in a car but can be very interesting to see on an eBike.

For the adults that are retired and no longer need to commute to work the eBike is a great way to get out for some exercise, see new places, run errands, and just have fun.

Many electric bikes can be adjusted to fit riders of different sizes which makes them a shareable bike for couples and/or older kids. The sharing of an electric bike may happen for a while but it's very common for a couple to each get a bike to share in the fun of eBiking together.

The gift of an electric bike can come full circle with the son and/or daughter buying an electric bike for a parent. And if there are multiple children an eBike can be a great shared gift to spread out the overall cost.

Good Gift for the Long Term

Some gifts these days don’t really last a long time. It could be a physical durability issue or it could be an interest in the gift that wanes.

The gift of an eBike is a more sustainable gift because it can last a very long time with the proper maintenance. And if something does break it can be repaired with replacement parts.

When it comes to general interest, an eBike is hard not to be excited and happy about! They are just really fun to ride and they also can serve a very practical purpose for commuting and errand running.

Many people make eBiking a part of their daily life for transportation, health benefits, community connection, and pure old fashioned fun.

Accessories for the eBiker

So maybe the person you are shopping for already has an eBike. What is a good gift for them?

Well there are a bunch of accessories that can make their riding experience that much better.

A fun and safety focused gift are bike lights that can be mounted on the front and back of the bike in addition to the lights that create unique patterns as the wheels spin. There are even helmets that have built in lights for extra noticeability.

Bike bells and horns are always a fun gift that can add some unique style to an eBike.

Fenders are a nice gift for keeping a rider dry and they can add some style to the bike. For instance, checkout these wood bike fenders.

There are a bunch of gift options for carrying some cargo like front and rear racks, bags, baskets, backpacks, and more. And for those looking to carry kids and/or larger cargo there are eCargo bikes and trailer options.

Bike locks are also a nice gift for keeping a precious eBike safe. There are a variety of lock types to choose from that are built for a quick stop all the way up to almost indestructible. Plus there are some high-tech ways to track an eBike.

Riding clothes is another nice gift for enjoying the rides. There are shirts, shorts, jackets, vests, gloves, and other gear that can make the ride more comfortable.

Another great gift is an electric bike rack for the car for getting out to explore new rides that are further from home.

Share the Fun

Electric bikes are just a lot of fun to ride and they really can bring out the kid in all of us.

The gift of an electric bike can be a very exciting part of someone’s life and it can last a long time.

Enjoy sharing the fun of eBikes!

And enjoy your rides!


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