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Denago City Model 1 eBike Range Testing
May 9, 2022
Justin Christopher

"How far can I go on a charge?" is one of the most commonly-heard questions while shopping for an eBike. Let's take a look at some real-world range testing on the Denago City Model 1 series of eBikes to answer that question.

EBike range varies based on many factors - rider weight, the use of throttle vs. pedal assist, hilly vs. flat terrain, headwinds, and even the ambient air temperature. We tested a variety of riders to come up with some real life range results, so you'll know what to expect:

As you can see from the chart, even heavier riders in more challenging conditions can easily exceed 20 miles of range using all throttle (no pedaling at all) if desired. 

When pedal assist is used, range increases significantly. When the rider makes more of a contribution with their legs, range of 45 miles or more is possible.

Independent Reviewers

We asked 3rd-party testers, like the Chris Crossed eBike YouTube channel, to put the City Model 1 through an extensive test and let us know the results:

How much range are you getting from your eBike? Share your own test results with #Denago and let us know.

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