Radpower Radrover 6 Plus Step-thru VS. Denago Fat Tire Step-thru eBike
January 4, 2023
Justin Christopher

Shoppers looking for a fat tire eBike with a step-thru frame are likely to discover the Radpower Radrover 6 Plus and Denago Fat Tire models: both feature a step-thru frame for a low standover height that makes starting and stopping with your feet flat on the ground easy and are intended for the same style of riding.

These two electric bikes share many features and specs, including 4" fat tires, suspension forks, and integrated lights; most importantly, as of this writing they are both $1,999, making head-to-head comparisons straightforward and easy.

While these models may look visually similar at first, they've got some key differences to consider while you're shopping. Let's review the Radpower Radrover 6 Plus and Denago Fat Tire Step-thru eBikes, take a look at the pros and cons, and see how they stack up head-to-head.

What the Radpower Radrover 6 Plus and Denago Fat Tire Step-thru eBikes have in common

The Radpower Radrover 6 Plus and Denago Fat Tire Step-thru eBikes have some specs and features which are identical, or very close to identical, including:

  • The same retail price, $1,999
  • 750 Watt rear hub motors
  • fenders
  • kickstand
  • 4" Kenda fat tires
  • built-in lights powered by the eBike battery
  • hydraulic disc brakes
  • Shimano 7 speed shifters
  • supension fork

How the Radpower Radrover 6 Plus and Denago Fat Tire Step-thru models are different

The Radpower Radrover 6 Plus and Denago Fat Tire Step-thru models differ in these key areas:

  • Top speed: the Class II Radrover 6 Plus tops out at 20 MPH on pedal assist and throttle, while the Class III Denago Fat Tire offers 28 MPH pedal assist and 20 MPH throttle modes.
  • Sensor: The Denago Fat Tire eBike uses a more advanced torque sensor vs. the cadence sensor on the Radrover 6 Plus. Torque sensors measure the rider's pedaling input for a more natural feel, especially on off-road surfaces.
  • The Denago uses a full color display, while the Radrover 6 Plus uses a more basic greyscale display. The more advanced display on the Denago Fat Tire eBike also has a USB port that can be used to charge your mobile phone from the eBike battery while riding. USB charging is an optional add-on for the Radrover 6.
  • The Radrover 6 Plus uses a semi-integrated battery, while the Denago uses a fully integrated hidden battery for a sleeker look.
  • The Denago also uses a much larger capacity battery than the Radpower, which translates to significantly more range on the road or trail. The Radrover 6 Plus gets a 589-672 Wh battery, the Denago Fat Tire battery is 921.6 Wh, a huge difference in performance. You can go much further on a single charge.
  • Denago uses premium LG 21700 cells in the battery, Radpower does not disclose the manufacturer used for the Radrover 6 Plus battery.
  • The Denago comes in two frame sizes to suit a variety of rider heights, while the Radpower Radrover 6 Plus step-thru only comes in a single size.
  • The Denago includes a 3 Amp charger for faster charging vs. the 2 Amp model included with the Radpower.
  • Throttle style: the Radpower fat tire uses a twist-style grip throttle, while Denago uses a push-button thumb throttle. While the throttle mode itself may work identically, riders may have a preference between the two mechanisms to engage it.

Retail store locations

The team at Denago is standing by to help you unpack and assemble your new eBike, but DIY isn't for everyone.

If you want to test ride or purchase a fully-assembled and ready to ride eBike from a brick and mortar retail store, it's worth considering locations near you. As of this writing, Radpower operates 7 retail locations in the United States, while Denago is carried at more than 50 retail locations.

Which fat tire step-thru eBike should you buy?

Considering that the Radpower Radrover 6 Plus and Denago Fat Tire Step-thru eBikes carry an identical retail price, head-to-head comparisons are straightforward: you simply get more bang for your buck with the Denago, it's just a better value in addition to fitting a larger range of riders. Key benefits include a much larger battery with premium LG cells, color handlebar display with USB, and a higher top speed for riders who want to utilize that option.

The Denago team can help you find the best eBike for your needs. Call us at (877) 755-2454 to chat.

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