Understanding error codes on Denago City Model 1 ebikes
March 4, 2022
Justin Christopher

We designed your Denago ebike to provide a lifetime of enjoyment, and problems are rare. If you do experience trouble, the display on your ebike may show an error code. Let's take a look at those codes on the Denago City Model 1 and what they mean.

Denago City Model 1 ebike error codes

Error 21 - Current Abnormal

This error indicates possible damage to the motor cable. Check whether the three phase wires of the motor are short-circuited.  

Error 22 - Throttle Abnormal

The thumb throttle is not returning to its original position when released. Make sure nothing is blocking the throttle lever from moving through the full range of motion in both directions.

Error 23 - Motor Phase Problem

Poor condition phase wires, or disconnected motor phase line can cause this error. Visually inspect the cables connecting the rear hub motor to the controller for damage. Disconnect the hub motor cable, inspect for and remove any debris or contamination, and firmly re-connect the cable.

Error 24 - Motor Hall Defect

This error may appear if the connection to the rear wheel hub motor is not fully plugged in. Unplug it, check for and remove any debris, then fully re-connect.

Error 25 - Brake Failure

The ebike motor cut-off brake levers are engaged, which stops the motor from turning on. When you power on the ebike, make sure you aren’t squeezing the brake lever(s). Check the sensitivity adjustment of the brake lever motor cut-off switches, which can be adjusted if needed to prevent false positives.

Error 30 - Communication Failure

The display cannot communicate with the controller. Check to make sure the connection between the display and controller is fully engaged and free of debris.

Where to get help

Contact Denago at any time if you need help resolving an error code.

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