Aventon Pace 350.2 vs. Denago City Model 1 eBikes
December 19, 2022
Justin Christopher

Denago's City Model 1 and Aventon's Pace 350.2 eBikes both feature a comfortable, upright riding position and similar components, and are aimed at the same riding style - urban cruising, bike paths, and so on. Because they're also in a similar price range, head-to-head comparisons between these two models are natural.

The Denago City Model 1 and Aventon Pace 350.2 have retail prices of $1,499 and $1,399 respectively, use rear hub motors with cadence sensors, and come in traditional top-tube and step-thru frame style options, but that's where the similarities end.

Here's a deep dive into how these two models stack up.

The primary difference between the Aventon Pace 350.2 and Denago City Model 1 

The Denago City Model 1 is a faster, more powerful eBike than the Aventon Pace 350.2. The City Model 1 ships as a Class III eBike capable of up to 28 MPH on pedal assist and 20 MPH on throttle, while the Pace 350.2 ships as a slower, less powerful Class II eBike, capable of 20 MPH pedal assist and throttle.

The Denago City Model 1 also uses a more modern 48 volt eBike system, vs. the older 36 volt system used on the Pace 350.2. Higher voltage eBikes deliver more torque to help you accelerate or climb hills.

What features Aventon Pace 350.2 and Denago City Model 1 eBikes have in common

The Aventon Pace 350.2 and Denago City Model 1 eBikes have some specs and features which are identical, or very close to identical. These include:

  • A very similar retail price
  • 7 speed drivetrains
  • kickstands
  • 27.5 x 2.2" eBike-rated tires
  • comfortable, upright riding positions with riser handlebars and wide, padded saddles
  • choice of traditional top tube (double diamond) or step-thru frames

Adjustable speed limiters, and top speeds

The Denago City Model 1 ships in Class III mode (28 MPH pedal assist, 20 MPH throttle top speeds) and the Aventon Pace 350.2 ships in Class II mode (20 MPH pedal assist and 20 MPH throttle top speeds.)

Denago riders can turn down the speed limiter to 20 MPH (or even lower) if desired, emulating a Class II eBike. While the speed limiter is adjustable on the Pace 350.2, it is unlikely to achieve 28 MPH Class III speeds even with the speed limiter removed entirely, because the 350 watt motor and 36 volt eBike system don't produce enough power.

How the Aventon Pace 350.2 and Denago City Model 1 eBikes are different

The Aventon Pace 350.2 and Denago City Model 1 eBikes differ in these key areas:

  • Denago City Model 1 uses a 48 volt, 500 watt motor, vs. 36 volt, 350 watt on the Aventon Pace 350.2 capable of higher speeds that produces more power for pulling a load or climbing hills.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are used on the Denago City Model 1, while the Aventon Pace 350.2 uses cheaper mechanical disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes offer superior braking power for eBikes ridden at higher speeds.
  • The Denago also uses a much larger capacity battery than the Aventon, which translates to more range and more time between charges. The Aventon Pace 350.2 gets a 417 Wh battery, the Denago City Model 1 battery is 652.8 Wh, a significant difference.
  • The Aventon Pace 350.2 uses a fully-integrated battery, while the Denago City Model 1 uses a semi-integrated battery. While the battery on the Denago has more capacity, it's also more visually obvious to others that you're riding an eBike.
  • Denago uses premium LG cells in the battery, Aventon does not disclose the manufacturer used for the Aventon Pace 350.2 battery cells.
  • Aventon's handlebar mounted display can be synced with a rider's cell phone using an App, Denago does not offer this feature; it's also color vs. greyscale.
  • The stem used on the Denago features an adjustable angle for rider comfort, while the stem on the Aventon is fixed and the angle can't be changed to suit the rider.
  • Aventon's Pace 350.2 includes integrated lights, the Denago City Model 1 does not, and users who plan to ride at night would need to add aftermarket lights.
  • Denago City Model 1 comes in one size that suits most adults, Pace 350.2 comes in two sizes that fit a wider range of heights.

Which City eBike should you buy?

Considering that the Aventon Pace 350.2 and Denago City Model 1 eBikes carry a similar retail price, head-to-head comparisons are easy: the Denago City Model 1 wins on battery capacity, power, and top speed. It's a better choice for riders who want to go faster and/or further.

The Aventon Pace 350.2 wins on convenience features - integrated lights for riding at night, and the ability to sync the eBike with a mobile phone using an app. It might appeal to more casual riders who don't need higher speeds, or who live in flat areas without steep hills.

Riders of average height won't see any meaningful difference between the two models; while very short or very tall riders may benefit from the Pace 350.2's two size choices.

The Denago team is here to help you choose the best eBike for your needs. Call us at (877) 755-2453 to chat anytime.

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